How Secure Is Your Copier?

Have you seen the CBS Evening News report concerning YOUR copier security?  It’s true!  An image of every document that you copy, print or scan on your copier is saved onto the hard drive.  A 2009 study showed that a security breach of this information costs the average company $800,000.00.  Can your business afford that kind of loss?What about your personal information at risk?  Have you recently copied your drivers license, social security card, paycheck, medical records, tax forms or other sensetive documents?Rest assured that Xerox has you protected!
Xerox has the most secure equipment in the industry, including the highest speed devices to receive Common Criteria Certification.  Xerox is the ONLY manufacturer to secure the ENTIRE device and not just parts of it.Why do you think the Pentagon, Department of Navy, US Air Force and NASA ONLY trust Xerox?

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