When it comes to  copier leases, did you ever read through  it?  All the boiler plate, micro letters and fine print that  makes you sweat.  it’s one of those things everyone hates to do, yet it’s something you kinda have to. Whenever someone tells us, the other company is cheaper, we take the time to do a true review, and when comparing, what they thought was cheaper, is never the case.


At Advantage Business Systems, we want you to know everything up front,  so we broke it down to make it easy for you. Almost every time we compared our pricing  and that of the competitions side by side using the True Review Calculator, we discovered that Xerox is actually less than our competition,  also the customer was annoyed why our competition seem to hide these charges from plain sight. At Xerox we believe in full disclosure, no secrets.  

Take the 5 minutes and compare the pricing using this free tool.

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