Archiving documents was a time and space consuming process if you relied on hard copy documents.  Scanning came along but sometimes it was not easy to find what you scanned. It also takes time to scan to the proper location. Stop playing hide and seek with your valuable information.   There is an answer to address these issues –ScanFlowStore is a wonderful way to secure and organize your documents and it is simple to use.

ScanFlowStore is what is known as a middleware, it is an accessory not a standalone product and works in conjunction with your server.  The process is easy and requires little training for users that are already familiar with the Xerox multifunction device.  Simply load the documents to be scanned select the scan template, answer some key questions and scan.  The scan template will send the document to the proper location in the proper format as defined in the template. 

The documents are fully text searchable and can be retrieved by word search from any workstation on the network.  ScanFlowStore lets users store documents as either secure PDFs or editable Microsoft Office or Open Office compatible files so that there can be collaboration on the document or the document can be edited. The options of barcodes, Bates stamping and audit trails are just a few of the capabilities available to make archiving and retrieving documents logical and easy. 

See if this solution is a good fit for your business workflow.  To find out more visit the ScanFlowStore website, review the brochure or watch the helpful array of videos available about the product.  Support is available at theScanFlowStore support page. I have included an introductory video below to help explain this product in more detail.